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Dr. Suraj Lunavat is the best prostate cancer doctor in Pune who is engaged in providing quality treatment for prostate cancer so that patients can have a speedy recovery and relief from the disease.

Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly found types of cancer in males that occurs in the prostate gland. Initially, the patient suffering from prostate cancer might not showcase any major signs and symptoms but in advanced stages, problems can be faced while urinating, reduced stream of urine, pelvic pain and thus, treatment is provided accordingly.

Cure prostate cancer with the top prostate cancer specialist in Pune

The doctors treating prostate cancer recommend that prostate cancer if detected earlier, increases the chances of successful treatment to manifold. Major damage is not done to the male urinary system if the disease is confined to the prostate gland. But recovery chances are low if the cancer cells in the nearby area.

Top prostate cancer specialist in Pune, Dr. Suraj Lunavat provides the best and most reliable treatment to patients suffering from the disease after examining their condition and severity of the disease. The disease can also cause significant damage to the other parts of the urinary system like the urinary system, kidney, urinary bladder, and the urethra. Further, several risk factors are responsible for the occurrence of diseases such as the advancing age of the male, hereditary factors, unhealthy diet, smoking, and ethnicity. The top urologists in Pune suggest males adopt certain measures who are at a higher risk of this cancer. These include intake of a healthy and low-fat diet, maintaining a healthy body weight, regular exercise and consulting the urologist when you experience any of the symptoms of the disease. In addition to this, the doctor treating prostate cancer undertakes diagnostic procedures like ultrasound and biopsy procedure to collect a sample of prostate tissue.

Prostate cancer doctor in Pune

Men’s intimate health issues are equally important and have to be diagnosed and treated in time for the good overall health. Prostate Cancer is a common disease faced by a large male population which can be treated by an expert Prostate Cancer Doctor in Pune like Dr. Suraj Lunavat.

Dr. Suraj Lunavat, with his expertise and vast experience has cured the Prostate related issues with much ease and precision due to the professional approach towards each patient. His Prostate treatment in Pune is such that it ensures speedy recovery and relief and has great success rates.

The Prostate cancer occurs in the prostate gland and the initial stages of this cancer may not be troublesome with no major signs and symptoms but if the cancer is on an advanced stage, one might face problems while urinating, there might be a reduced stream of urine, patients may feel pelvic pain as well and thus, it is extremely important to get the right treatment done in time.

To get a cure to prostate cancer, you must contact the top prostate cancer specialist in Pune i.e. Dr. Suraj Lunavat. He along with his team is dedicated to world-class healthcare facilities. Being an expert urologist in Pune, Dr. Suraj Lunavat suggests that one must not delay in getting a treatment if there are signs of issues because timeliness in getting the treatment done increases the possibilities of less complications and more success.

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