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Men who experience the sensation of pain, burning or discomfort during urination may suffer from a range of health problems, and proper diagnosis to determine the cause is important. The sooner a man visits his doctor and acquires an official diagnosis, the quicker he can return to healthy and pain-free urination. Physicians will perform tests such as medical history, urinalysis, and physical examination in order to reach a diagnosis.

Dysuria, or in simpler words, burning urination or painful urination an unpleasant experience in which people suffer from a sensation like burning after urination. It is often the first sign that something is wrong in your bladder or urinary tract.

Frequent urination implies that one needs to urinate quite often. It is in fact, a sudden and a compelling urge to urinate which causes discomfort in the bladder.

It can be an alarming situation when you observe Hematuria or blood in urine. While in a few instances, the causes are harmless but blood in urine can indicate a serious disorder if left untreated.

The symptoms of kidney stones depend on the size of the stone. The larger the stone the more noticeable will be the symptoms. A person suffering from kidney stones can experience symptoms like blood in urine, severe pain on either side of the lower back, fever and chills, foul-smelling urine and vomiting.

Several risk factors are responsible for the occurrence of Prostate Cancer in which the major ones include the age of the males, race or ethnicity, any previous family history, genetic factors, and the geographical location. Further, older men after the age of 50 are more prone to prostate cancer as compared to young men.

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