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Dr. Suraj Lunavat is a leading urologist in Pune serving patients since 2014 with his vast knowledge, experience, and skills. Being a part of the medical fraternity as a urological doctor, Dr. Lunavat specializes in curing the diseases related to male and female urinary tract anatomy, function and pathological diseases.

There are occasions when a general practitioner is just not enough. When men and women have problems with their urinary tract, they need to see a urologist. This could include urinary tract infection (bladder or kidney), urinary incontinence, or urinary urgency. Even in males, when the problems relating to reproductive organs arise, one needs to consult a urologist. Erectile dysfunction and prostate problems are some of the urological problems in males. Urology is considered a subspecialty of surgery.

Being the best urologist in Pune trusted by numerous people, Dr. Suraj Lunavat stands at number one position in treating the following diseases and disorders:

  • Urinary Frequency
  • Inability to Urinate
  • Pain in the Lower Abdomen
  • Bladder or Prostate Cancer
  • Male Infertility
  • Kidney stone

Best Urologist in Pune

Registered with the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Urology Society of Pune and Urology Society of India, Dr. Suraj Lunavat’s urology clinic in Pune is amongst one of the largest corporate clinics in Pune constantly achieving excellence in Urological treatments.

To meet the diverse healthcare needs of the people and in order to maintain the quality of urological treatments that he provides in Pune, Dr. Lunavat constantly looks for innovation. It’s his specialty to look forward to opportunities and constantly adapt to new and better ways to meet the healthcare needs.

With years of medical practice, integrity towards the patients, sincerity towards the profession, clinical efficiency and reliability, Dr. Suraj Lunavat is a recognized name in the medical field. So if you are also looking forward to seeing the top urologist in Pune, visit Dr. Suraj Lunavat and get the assurance of effective solutions to all your urological issues.

Dr. Suraj Lunavat Urology Clinic is one of the largest corporate clinics in Pune constantly achieving excellence in Urological treatments. We offer comprehensive treatment for urology and nephrological conditions. The organization specializes in providing the services in the areas of Urology, Andrology, and Pediatric Urology.

We are registered with the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Urology Society of Pune and Urology Society of India. We serve our modern Hi-tech equipment for all Urinary disease. Innovation is our specialty and we are constantly looking for a new and better way to meet the health care needs.

Our services include Kidney Stone Treatment with Laser technique, Prostate problem treatment (medicine/surgery), Urinary cancer diagnosis and treatment, Urinary tract infection treatment, treatment for urinary obstruction, treatment of female urinary problems and treatment of urinary and bladder stones.

On the strong foundation of upright medical practice, integrity, sincerity, clinical efficiency and reliability, Dr. Suraj Lunavat Urology Clinic was established in 2014.

We aim to offer the highest standard of Urological & Andrological treatment for our patients suffering from Kidney Stones, Bladder stone, Ureteric stone, Enlargement of Prostate, Bladder Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction & Impotence, female urinary problems and male Infertility amongst other Urinary Disease.

Our vision is to provide world class health care to patients with urology and nephrological diseases at affordable costs. We dedicate ourselves towards excellence in Urology by continuously improving our people, process, and technology.

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